International Families Day

International Families Day

15 May 2017Parent Advice

The definition of Family ‘Unit of people related by blood or marriage’ or ‘Descendants of a common ancestor’.

The meaning of ‘Family’, in the purest sense of the word is the biological or legal ties that bind a group of people together. It’s our heritage, lineage and history.

But in 2017 families go beyond the nuclear 2.4 child household and are made up of multiple characteristics. Families are much more intricate than just mother, father and child. Let’s not forget aunties, uncles, grandparent and event great grandparents. And the family unit doesn’t just stop there! Think about those people who have been in your life for longer than you can or wish to remember? They hold a significant place in your heart and importance in your life. Are they too not part of your family?

So, if families go beyond just biological attributes then what really makes a family?

It’s a community of people who share similar or the same ideologies of life. A family is about sharing a mutual respect, loving and caring for those in your inner circle. Moving towards a common goal or outcome. Going through shared experiences and commonality. Families offer each other support and guidance, sharing traditions and culture that may have been passed down through generations and maintaining a unique connection with one another. A family consists of an invisible link that ties us together.

Being part of a family makes us feel a sense of security and safety, we feel at ease and comfortable with the familiarity. Family is extremely important for a child’s development. Forming positive attachments at a young age supports a child’s sense of worth and helps them to form meaningful relationships later on in life. They learn how to deal with various emotions and circumstances, building their self-esteem and loyalty.

From our families, we learn values and principles i.e. we learn right from wrong. Each family has their own set of values which they live by. These are social behaviours that are learnt from various areas of our lives such as; from our environment, family events and traditions. Our family values are the way in which we think, the way in which base and make decisions about different situations.

The ‘family’ unit whether it be; mum and dad, dad and dad, aunty or carer is the child’s first teacher, offers rich learning experiences and encourages positive behaviour laying the foundation for adulthood.

The Abacus Ark Family values are Partnership, Awareness, Creativity and Thrive. This combination allows us to continually deliver our heart centred teaching and foster a love of learning in our children and our people. Our Family embraces everyone from all walks of life and we delight in the fact that our family includes various nationalities, cultures and faiths which we think makes our family pretty amazing!

Happy International Families Day!



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