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Libraries Week

11 October 2018Learning at home activities

Libraries Week takes place between the 8th and 13th October celebrating the nation’s much-loved libraries. This year the focus is upon wellbeing, with libraries across the country showcasing how they bring communities together, combat loneliness, provide a space for reading and creativity and support people with the...


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Making the Most of Mealtimes

29 June 2018Food

"Food is fuel for our bodies. So is conversation for our brains."

The National Literacy Trust (2013) believes that mealtime chatter boosts children’s communication skills and confidence. A study with school children in 2012 concluded that children whose families cha...


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Working Together to Wean our Babies at Abacus Ark

21 June 2018Food

By Jo Pandollfi

When I had my children at the beginning of the 1990’s the recommended length of time before weaning our babies was three months.  However, parents would proudly compare notes and boast if their child was taking solids earlier than this and it was not unusual for babies to be having baby...


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How Often Should Children Eat?

15 June 2018Food

We’ve all seen videos of people giving a lemon to a baby to suck on, but have you ever seen anyone try giving a lemon to a toddler? Babies have very adventurous taste buds but as they grow into their toddler’s years they usually become less agreeable at meal times. According to the Institute of Medicine this can be explained by the growth rate o...


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Introducing Miss Hanouf

Introducing Miss Hanouf

10 April 2018Our Team

The next Abacus Ark Award winner that we will be introducing is Hanouf Gotangogan, a key teacher at our Maida Vale Nursery.

Hanouf won an award for the Partnership category and was voted for by her colleagues at Maida Vale for her role as a ‘Community Officer’.  Winners of this category contribute wholeheartedly to the nurseries and are a...


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My Journey as an Author

My Journey as an Author

22 March 2018Our Team

Very often in the class I read or tell stories to the children. I improvise using any props I have near me and play games with words. Words have a magnificent power on children as they calm them down, help them concentrate, prompt them to find answers, deal with their fears and empathise with book heroes in an environme...


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World Book Day

Sharing Stories with Babies and Toddlers

01 March 2018Learning at home activities

Any time from Breakfast to Bedtime is the right time to share a story.

It’s never too early to start the wonderful time spent snuggling together with a book.

From the moment babies can hear sounds, the voices of their families and carers become familiar and co...


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Introducing Miss Consol

Teachers at Abacus Ark

12 February 2018Our Team

The next Abacus Ark Award winner we would like to introduce is Consolacion Marin Martinez – also known as Miss Consol.  Miss Consol joined us at our Wandsworth nursery in July 2017 and is a key teacher in our preschool classroom.

At the Abacus Ark Awards, Miss Consol’s colleagues voted for her to win two awards for both the creative and a...


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