30 hours free childcare

In 2015 the Government pledged to offer working families 30 hours free childcare which is to be rolled out from September 2017. This is to be offered by day nurseries, preschools or playgroups, independent schools, children’s centres and maintained nursery schools around the UK to provide affordable childcare.

What is 30 hours free childcare?
Currently, all children in the UK aged 3- 4 years old are entitled to receive 15 hours free childcare. However, the Government is offering an additional 15 hours.

How does the 30 hours free childcare work?
The 30 hours free childcare is offered over 38 weeks a year, equivalent to school term times. However, we will be stretching the funding over the 50 weeks that we are open which will result in appro
ximately 23 hours per week as opposed to 30 hours over 38 weeks.

Does free, actually mean free?Due to the cost of operating within a central London location and the resultant higher living costs of our staff, we are being forced to apply an ‘Agreed additional service package’ fee in order to allow us to pass the benefit of the funding to all of our parents.

What is an ‘Agreed additional service package’ fee?
Whilst, instantly this may look as though you are paying more, in the London Borough of Wandsworth this will result in a maximum net benefit to our parents of £475 per month, depending on how many hours are used.

Will my child be eligible for the 30 free hours?
Every child will still receive 15 hours free, however, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria to receive the additional 15 hours.
To find out if your child qualifies read the following criteria

What about the Tax-Free childcare scheme, does this apply alongside the 30 hours free childcare?
Yes, the Tax-Free childcare can be used in conjunction with the 30 hours free hours and provide a maximum benefit of £2,000 per year or £167 per month. If you would like more information regarding Tax-Free childcare visit our Tax-Free Childcare page.

For those parents who are able to make full use of both offerings, a total monthly benefit of £642 will be achievable, which is roughly a 40 %- 50% savings on current childcare fees in the Wandsworth area.

How do I apply for the 30 hours free childcare?
To apply visit 30 hours free childcare application for full details on the registering for the scheme.
If you are wanting a place for this September, then you will need to apply and register by August 31st

What if I am not eligible?
That is OK, there are many other childcare schemes to support individual circumstances and these can be accessed through Childcare Choices.  A collective platform created by the Government to offer parents insight into various options that can support and help with childcare costs.

It has taken a lot of negotiation and hard work from both providers and Wandsworth Council to get to this point. Our intention has always been to do our best to represent our parents and fight to be able to pass on the full funding to you in a sustainable way that allows us to continue to provide our current level of childcare and education.

If you would like further information then speak to our Parent Experience team on 020 7624 5718.

30 hours free childcare

Register before 31st August to be eligible for September 2017.