Our Programs

Our holistic development programme will help your child become a well-rounded individual, preparing them for school and setting them on a positive path in life.


The Holistic Development Programme


We reinforce your child’s development with specifically designed extra-curricular classes

Whilst our syllabus revolves around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and its seven areas of learning, we supplement the basic activities you will typically find in most settings with extra-curricular activities which are designed to reinforce your child’s development whilst at the same time providing daily variation that makes learning fun.


We make things fun; your child will “learn through play” using the very best toys

Whilst we provide a structured programme, our ethos is very much about learning through play. We vary the way in which we deliver sessions by providing a mix of adult led, child led and independent activities, all of which will use high quality resources and toys.


We plan for your individual child and provide daily feedback on progress made

Using our holistic approach, we develop a daily plan for your unique child and provide daily feedback on progress made. 


We ensure we make the most of our specially designed settings and high quality toys by ensuring we hire only the very best practitioners

Whilst our settings are specifically designed to ensure the best for your child and we only pick the best resources, all of this means nothing unless we have the right people to be able plan and deliver our Holistic Development Programme

Our recruitment process is extremely thorough. We seek out the best practitioners, interviewing those with the right experience only. We seek to ensure that at least half of our practitioners are qualified teachers, deviating from this only where we see something special in the people we interview. Each person is chosen by the nursery owners and senior management, who have over 50 years of early years experience between them. 


Each nursery setting has been designed with our Holistic Development Programme in mind

When creating each new setting, we seek out empty spaces that we can tailor to the needs of Abacus Ark. We then work with a specialist design team to create a nursery that allows us to deliver on our Holistic Development Programme. When you visit, please feel free to ask what makes that setting unique.

Ofsted report

"Strong leadership empowers staff to work well as a team, so that they provide consistent, good quality care for all children."