Getting ready for school

Abacus Ark is committed to ensuring your child is ready and enthusiastic about starting school.  We combine the very best of teacher-led as well as play-based learning to ensure your child has the confidence, independence and willingness to start learning at school.

Each of the Abacus Ark nursery schools is set up for your child to transition through age specific classes, from the baby room up to the Pre-school. The activities and environments within each class are designed specifically to help develop your child in an age appropriate way and to prepare your little one for the next class.

The Abacus Ark planning cycle is continually used to ensure we help your child consistently achieve what's required for the next phase in their development.  Once the pre-school is reached, the focus then becomes preparation for school.

We will communicate with you regularly to let you know how your child is progressing and with the support of your child’s key teacher, ensure that your child is ready for school.

Some of the ways in which we prepare our Abacus Ark children for school are:

  • Telling stories and encouraging questions and observations
  • Singing nursery rhymes on a very regular basis
  • Teaching numbers and using creative methods to engage children’s mathematical curiosity
  • Providing a rich array of different toys and games enabling curiosity and dexterity
  • Encouraging reading and looking at books within our ‘library corner’ and around the nursery
  • Teachers addressing and speaking to children using a rich vocabulary
  • Creating a classroom environment for some sessions, allowing children to experience what school will be like